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Data Ownership Research

Can online content indicate an individual's "real-life" personality?

This was a question we were often asked - so we ran a novel two year research project to find out.

Everyday our individual lives become more digital and online. How vital is it to know how to interpret other's online profiles and behaviour, and how others may perceive you?

And for organisations the "cost of maintaining trust consumes 35% of the US workforce - and in financial/professional services it consumes 48%". Could including novel online data sources reduce this cost of doing business?

Free access to our research overview litepaper

We've provided high level findings of our two year novel research in our free to download plain text research litepaper:

Download our plaintext litepaper here: Can online content indicate an individual's "real-life" personality?

Join waitlist for access to our full research results - when released (graphical, 47 pages)