Instantly Prove You Are Trustworthy - Again And Again


How To Increase Your Social Status

The blockchain credit score we allow you to create helps you increase your social status by proving you are skilled, trustworthy and have good interpersonal soft skills.

Think of it like a blockchain based "social credit score" you are in control of.

Why We're 10x Better

Verification of ownership of users' accounts on third party websites is hard. But we've cracked it.

Competitors require users' login credentials and passwords so they can login as the user and scrape their profile. This is a serious security risk - and often against the third party service's terms and conditions.

Our verification of users' online profiles at almost any third party website doesn't require the user's credentials.

We then store the user's reputation on a blockchain - because we believe an individual's ratings that they've invested time, money, sweat and tears building, belongs to them. So it makes sense they, and only they, should have the key to prove ownership of their immutable and verified ratings.

We believe individuals should always be able to leverage the massive value in trust and proof of skills locked away in their ratings and reviews - so we store it securely forever on a blockchain - even when third party service closes down.

Integrate With The World's Standard Reputation Passport

Why should individuals have to give away all their personal identifiable information as part of long, tedious KYC processes? We will become THE standard "reputation passport" providing individuals "single sign-on" to seamlessly sign-up and login to any compatible website by providing an anonymous overview of their verified ratings, instead of having to enter their personal information.

This means individuals can now instantly prove they are trustworthy on signup to a new website, without giving away personal information which could be lost/sold/stolen or misused.

Peer to peer websites wishing to include a ratings system, no longer need to waste time and money developing their own standalone feedback system, where users start untrusted and take a long time to build up their ratings.

Online services can now simply plugin to Reputationaire's blockchain based standard reputation format allowing their users to bring their existing ratings with them when they join.

This means peer to peer services can pre-seed their users' trust, increasing engagement, as well as saving time and effort developing their own ratings engine. Please contact us to get started.