Access Your Applicants'
Or Signups' Online Ratings

Reputationaire gives any organisation one click (or API) access to verified third party ratings and reviews of their applicants/signups from websites the applicant already uses.

Our clients have found social verified proof is quicker, fairer, more inclusive and often more reliable than reference, credit and background checks.

For example, IT recruiters get one click access to verified tech skills on Github, LinkedIn, Stackoverflow and "culture value add" and interpersonal skills from ratings on websites such as Airbnb helping them find the "diamond in the rough".

And Estate Agents can now risk profile tenants via Airbnb and other social proof websites.

Additionally signups to online marketplaces can now bring their ratings with them so they don't have to start untrusted and unable to participate - reducing peer to peer services' churn and disengagement.

IBM awarded us $220k to help build our tech, which got us into YCombinator Startup School and it's now ready for foundation partner organisations who understand trust is priceless.

We provide access to applicants' or signups' verified social ratings for:

Real Estate Agents

Finding Quality

Tenants Is Not Easy

Ratings Prove Tenant Quality

But Currently

Tenants' Ratings Are Locked Away

Access To Tenant's

Reputation Via A 1form Profile Click

Single Click.

Tenant Driven. Verified.

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Recruiters & Employers

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Bulk/Volume Recruitment

Instantly Screen 1000 Job

Applicants Into Top 10 Based On

Socially Verified Skills

Ratings Prove Applicants'

Skills & Their Addition To Culture

Without Us Applicants'

Ratings Are Locked Away

We Provide Instant Access To

Applicants' Verified Reputation

Verified. Applicant Driven. 1 Click/ATS/API.

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Executive Tech Talent Search

Building Trust Takes

Ages And Costs A Fortune

Socially Verified Ratings

Fast Track Trust In Applicants'

Skills And Their Addition To Culture

Without Us Applicants'

Ratings Are Locked Away

Instant Access To Verified, Unchangeable,

Jobs And Interpersonal Skill Ratings

Verified. Applicant Driven. 1 Click/ATS/API.

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Peer-to-Peer Websites

Peer To Peer Gig Economy Services

Suffer Churn & Disengagement

Ratings On Other Peer To Peer

Services Prove Applicants' Skills

Ownership Verification Of Signups'

Locked Away Ratings Is Hard

We Provide Automatic Access

To Signups' Verified Ratings

API Access.

Applicant Driven. Verified.

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A few of our current clients:

Archa is a banking platform that makes sense to millennials, and puts the customer first and foremost. Show how we're helping...

Customers without local credit history struggle to prove they are creditworthy. Reputationaire helps Archa instantly tap into their customers’ reviews, ratings and spending habits on other peer to peer platforms. Archa can then risk profile their users and provide them fantastic credit products at individual great rates.

AssetOwl is an innovative technology company having developed an Internal Visualisation System (IVS) to empower property owners to visualise and interpret data in their properties. This powerful tool combines Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies. Show how we're helping...

AssetOwl recruits primarily on culture and team fit, rather than raw technical skills which can be picked up on the job.

Reputationaire helps by providing applicant authorised access to the verified reviews and ratings of AssetOwl’s job applicants in one platform enabling them to quickly identify applicants with both tech and interpersonal skills, who are a great addition to the company culture.

ATY Advisory is a private consulting firm that specialises in assisting Australian companies in gaining access to Research and Development Tax incentives. Show how we're helping...

It is crucial for the new recruits at ATY Advisory to contribute to the four principles behind the success of the company - Minimise Disruption, Multidisciplinary Team, Strategic Approach and Nationally Competitive.

Reputationaire provides ATY Advisory applicant authorised access to the verified reviews of their job applicants, gathering socially verified ratings distributed across different websites in one platform and so helping them recruit the right talent to enhance their company culture.

Biggin & Scott was established during the 1890 property boom and has been trusted by generations of Melbourne property sellers, investors and landlords. Show how we're helping...

The biggest problem faced by real estate companies is verifying rental history, particularity for first time renters, migrants and refugees with no local references.

Reputationaire makes their job easier by providing them one click access to verified reputation overviews of their tenancy applicants within the tenant's 1form application (please note Reputationaire is not associated with 1form, but is compatible with the 1form process).

Halcyon Knights is an Executive Search and IT Recruitment firm dedicated exclusively to the technology sector. Show how we're helping...

As a reputed firm, having been awarded 'Australia's Most Socially Engaged Enterprise Staffing Agency' by LinkedIn, Halcyon Knights uses the fairest and most efficient methods to recruit highly talented and trustworthy individuals. Distributed across the APAC, a major part of their work constitutes performing reference checks of potential employees for their employers.

Reputationaire helps Halcyon Knights by providing them applicant approved access to the verified reviews and ratings of their job applicants in one easy to understand platform.

Now they don't have to look across various websites to assess their applicants' social profiles - saving time and money while also gaining access to socially verified culture data, that until now was locked away.

nDeva is a Melbourne-based IT recruitment company, whose approach is built around an authentic desire to leave people in a better place. Show how we're helping...

Recruiting the best talent in the tech space requires nDeva to perform extensive analysis of the technical skills and work ethics of job seekers. Job applicants often embellish their resumes, but their Airbnb, Linkedin, Github and Stackoverflow profiles are harder to falsify.

Reputationaire helps by providing applicant authorised access to verified reviews and ratings from the websites above, and more, in one platform. Now they don't have to look across these various websites to assess job seekers' social profiles, and gain access to valuable data that was previously locked away.

Refugee Talent is a digital platform to connect skilled refugees with companies offering short and long term job opportunities. Show how we're helping...

Employers run the risk of missing out on skilled and talented employees, simply because they do not have access to the necessary references or experience from their home country.

Reputationaire comes to the aid of both the employers and skilled refugees by allowing them to prove ownership of their verified online reviews and ratings, demonstrating they have both the job and interpersonal skills required.

Refugees no longer need to worry about securing physical proof of their skills, and employers no longer need to overlook talents due to a lack of this information, as Reputationaire provides one platform which gathers verified ratings from many websites.

Show us how to access our applicants' or signups' verified social ratings:

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