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About Us

Andrew Hine



Our vision

Guaranteed trust is priceless.

We're building a future where trust is easy to prove, enabling strangers to interact and collaborate with confidence.

Gaining another's trust despite unfamiliarity and human bias is a common hurdle for all of us, but one that burdens many to an unfair and even debilitating degree, including refugees, migrants and individuals not yet graduated or without prior work experience.

We aim to level the playing field, then raise the bar, for everyone.

Our tech allows anyone to gather their online ratings and reviews from third party websites to facilitate trust in any interaction, professional or personal.

Users can provide others, or organisations, with this hard-earned reputation for a once-off view, with all data stored on the encrypted and hidden blockchain to guarantee ownership, transparency and reduce the risk of manipulation.

Our missions

  • People should own their data - that includes their reputation built at any website.
  • A stellar reputation is built on time, money, sweat and tears - that kind of investment should be transferable both online between websites and offline within application processes to prove trustworthiness and improve lives.
  • Third party reviews verify skills and reputation from an unbiased environment, helping to reduce human biases within application processes.
  • Job-seekers and renters continually suffer discrimination from a reliance on antiquated techniques of evaluating trustworthiness, such as reference, credit and background checks.

Online peer to peer websites mission

  • Peer-to-peer website users should never sign up untrusted, with zero reviews, on a new website again. Trust can now flow between websites, without ever needing to log in via existing accounts (we verify account ownership without requesting personal information or login credentials).
  • Peer-to-peer website providers should no longer suffer churn and disengagement from zero-starred users. Instead, providers can request new users link their third party ratings upon registration from other websites relevant to their industry.

Recruitment mission

  • All employers should be able to offer equal employment opportunities based on skills and human characteristics verified by an unbiased third party, instead of instantly ruling out candidates based on factors like country of previous employment, or relying solely on CVs (85% of recruiters found lies on CVs*).
  • Employers and recruiters should request to view verified skill ratings of their job applicants in a single click.

Rental mission

  • Migrants and new renters should be able to use their impartial, socially verified online reviews from lodging websites (such as Airbnb) as proof they are good tenants. They should not be ruled out of the rental market due to lack of local rental references.
  • Estate agents and landlords should request to view impartial, socially verified online ratings and reviews of their rental applicants in a single click.

Our values

Exceed Expectations

We aim to exceed expectations in everything we do - from our altruistic aims to our UI.


We strive to ensure everyone in our team has clarity on the impact of their efforts.

Focus on the core

We focus on the most important thing: trust between strangers. We aim to deliver this core function simply and elegantly, without any unnecessary features or clumsy distractions.

Continuous improvement

Like any elite sport team we're focused on continual improvement and revisiting every feature and interaction. We listen to our customers and monitor the metrics to make sure we're creating the best possible experience.

Effective and efficient

Our product is focused on taking as little of your time as possible so you can get on with your life.

Our founders' stories

Andrew, CEO and CTO

I have long known the value of online ratings, having been a private Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Computer tutor since graduating 3rd in my year from Oxford University. I also became the UK's largest online ant (yes the insect) supplier selling on eBay and my website back in 2005. And I later successfully exited my web development company where, like tutoring, customer ratings and testimonials were key to securing new clients.

My Masters at Oxford University was sponsored by the UK Intelligence Service where I later worked, so I understand security and privacy.
But I didn't know how to put an individual's reputation back in their control, allowing them to leverage it to prove they are skilled/trustworthy.
With the advent of blockchain, I realised it was finally feasible to create a verified, trusted, distributed database storing individual's verified ratings only they have the key to prove they own.

My life mantra is to "make a significant improvement to the world I'm remembered for".
I know enabling people to own and leverage their online ratings and reviews they've invested time, money, sweat and tears building (which are fairer, quicker and more reliable than reference, credit and background checks) help improve peoples' life situations and make the world a more trusting place to live.

Our Team and Advisers

Check out our awesome Team and Advisers.

* HireRight’s 2017 employment screening benchmark report