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Who are we?

Reputationaire is an early stage award winning startup with ready to launch blockchain-enabled MVP allowing users to import, store & exchange verified reputation data, to create a "blockchain social credit" score and prove their credibility, while optionally remaining anonymous.

Get to know the cofounders below (please note Dee is no longer involved):

How can Reputationaire help you get a job?

Teammate Preethi talks about her experience within the Reputationaire team and how it helped her land a professional paid web development job:

Hear from Business Analyst Vanessa about her time with Reputationaire and how the experience bootstrapped her career:

Web Developer Aditya talks about Reputationaire and how it helped him move to Ireland for work:

Nick a Business Analyst at Reputationaire talks about the types of work he was involved in, the skills he learnt and how he rated the overall experience:

Shashen, a RMIT BA Intern talks about how his Reputationaire Experience landed him a corporate job:

Andrew, Marketing and Operations teammate discusses how Reputationaire helped him build his skillset and land a corporate job:

Available Roles