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We provide ownership verification and accreditation of ANY existing public profiles.
Are you an Individual or Organisation?


Link your existing profile ratings into a single secure vault (compatible with Airbnb and YouTube - and everything in between). Then choose what you reveal to others to prove you're trustworthy (without revealing your profiles, name, race, age, gender etc) to secure a rental, job or signup trusted on a peer to peer website.

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Are you an organisation reliant on an applicants or signups?

Risk profile your applicants/signups, including those from diverse backgrounds, with additional "peer reviewed" data points by requesting to view their existing verified profiles, and insights derived from them, proving job and soft skills and characteristics important to you.

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Ownership verification & proven job/soft skills
& character insights from ANY existing public profiles

Your most valuable asset is the number of people who know, like & trust you

Where your reputation lives

Secure, own and control your reputation from any service.

Trust and interact with confidence

Verify you can trust a stranger, in any interaction, online or face to face.

Anonymous yet trusted

Prove to others you are trustworthy (e.g. when applying for a job, home rental or loan), without giving them access to your profiles.

Personal or Professional

You choose which aspects of your reputation you reveal and to who.

Only you hold the keys

Your "social credit score" is locked away in a secure vault, encrypted and hidden on a public distributed blockchain ledger.

Works with any website

Import your reputation profile from any online service you already use.

Trust is the world's currency

Use who you know to facilitate trust in a professional or personal context and increase your social status.