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Simplify Arranging Meetings — Introducing CalApp

Simplify Arranging Meetings — Introducing CalApp

Arranging meetings can be difficult.

Over my career and time as founder of Reputationaire I’ve had to manage an over-loaded calendar and struggled to arrange meetings around my, and my contact’s, availability.

You’ll probably agree; navigating your calendar and arranging meetings manually can waste so much time that could be otherwise spent productively.

Like many, I have also tried many hosted calendar solutions, however, the permission requirements and sync issues had these tools taking up more time than they saved!

Even worse, I noticed a decrease in reply rates when recipients had to click an external link to visit my hosted calendar and pick a time.

Upon asking for feedback, people told me that they felt that these solutions had too many hoops for them to jump through, and at times the links caused my email to end up in their spam folder.

I thought, “There must be an easier way for everyone”.

So I wrote CapApp, a Chrome extension that requires no permissions with none of your personal information leaving your device.

CalApp gives users a one-click copy and paste of their availability, or their colleagues (by simply making their calendars visible within Google Calendar).

From there, it’s a one second paste into your email, LinkedIn reply etc.

No matter where your calendar is hosted, you can take advantage of CalApp’s convenient secure extension by importing your events to your Google Calendar — check out this handy guide to doing courtesy of Google.

I’ve included a template feature that allows you to pre-determine the text before and after your availability, saving the need to customise each message.

CalApp is already helping people reclaim their time and arrange meetings more effectively.

Visit https://calapp.co/ to join the waiting list, or reach out to me on LinkedIn for an invite code to gain priority access to the time saving tool.

Written by Andrew Hine, founder and CEO of Reputationaire.

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