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Diversity is More Than a Quota

3 steps to help address bias and increase inclusion within your organisation

As the benefits for diversity within organisations become better understood, companies are quickly scrambling to rebrand their organisations to create an inclusive and diverse workforce.

However, many companies still fail to attract interest from diverse candidates, or they lack the means to identify points of diversity in the recruiting process. In 2018, the US recruitment website The Ladders performed an eye-tracking study on recruiters and found that the average time spent screening a resume is approximately 7.4 seconds — hardly enough time to paint a clear picture of applicants!

Are your hiring practices inclusive, yet still enabling you to quickly identify talented candidates? Or do you struggle to attract applicants from diverse backgrounds?

It’s important to remember that diversity and inclusion aren’t just about reaching a certain quota or hiring candidates based on group identities. It’s about instilling a culture within your organisation so that anyone within your industry would feel welcome and accepted as a part of your team.

To read our full article, and find out three steps that your organisation can take to address workplace bias, visit our partner Welcoming Cities site by clicking here: https://welcomingcities.org.au/diversity-is-more-than-a-quota/.

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