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Or Signups' Online Ratings

Reputationaire is a reference-checking platform for forward-thinking agents and landlords.

Reputationaire is a reference-checking platform for forward-thinking gig/sharing economies.

Reputationaire gives any organisation one click (or API) view of verified third party ratings and reviews of their applicants/signups from websites the applicant already uses.

IBM awarded us $220k to help build our tech, which got us into YCombinator Startup School and it's now ready for foundation partner organisations who understand trust is priceless.

Employers and recruiters can now screen applicants based on their social ratings - a great indicator of trust, reliability and interpersonal skills.

Estate Agents/Landlords can now risk profile tenants via Airbnb and other social proof websites.

Signups to online marketplaces can now bring their ratings with them so they don't have to start untrusted and unable to participate - reducing peer to peer services' churn and disengagement.

We enable requesting to view applicants' or signups' verified social ratings for:

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Bulk/Volume Recruitment

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Executive Tech Talent Search

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A few of our current clients:

Archa is a banking platform that makes sense to millennials, and puts the customer first and foremost. Show how we're helping...

Customers without local credit history struggle to prove they are creditworthy. Reputationaire helps Archa instantly tap into their customers’ reviews, ratings and spending habits on other peer to peer platforms. Archa can then risk profile their users and provide them fantastic credit products at individual great rates.

Biggin & Scott was established during the 1890 property boom and has been trusted by generations of Melbourne property sellers, investors and landlords. Show how we're helping...

The biggest problem faced by real estate companies is verifying rental history, particularity for first time renters, migrants and refugees with no local references.

Reputationaire makes their job easier by enabling them to request to view verified reputation overviews of their tenancy applicants within the tenant's 1form application (please note Reputationaire is not associated with 1form, but is compatible with the 1form process).