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Beyond Bitcoin — Blockchain Verified Police Checks

Beyond Bitcoin — Blockchain Verified Police Checks

For most people, thoughts about blockchain technology rarely move beyond the allure of cryptocurrencies. However, the potential for the blockchain framework beyond cryptocurrency is quickly becoming realised.

Reputationaire have partnered with InterCheck to provide the worlds first blockchain verified police checks

Forbe’s Magazine identified human resources as an industry that blockchain has the potential to disrupt, claiming that the technology will “Change the field forever” and “make resumes and Linkedin obsolete”.

Reputationaire is at the forefront of blockchain applications in Human Resources, committed to improving the lives of job seekers and employers by providing a platform that fast tracks trust.


The average time recruiters judge someone’s resume is six seconds.

Just six seconds to prove on a piece of paper that YOU are who and what the company needs.

Speaking to recruiters, employers and HR experts we’ve found they find reference checks “antiquated, scripted, biased and process disrupting”.

As trends in hiring practices become more and more progressive, one thing remains consistent — companies value safety. In their 2016 Employment Screening Benchmark Report, HireRight found that half of the respondents agreed additional screening helped improve their company’s safety and security.

HireRight’s data also found that the most commonly used screening methods were criminal record searches, which were performed by 89% of companies when vetting their applicants.

In addition to ensuring employers can identify not only the most reliable and skilled job applicants based on their online ratings, Reputationaire has partnered with InterCheck to provide the world’s first blockchain verified police checks.

Individuals are now able to store proof of their police check in their secure blockchain vault, along with their online ratings from other websites they feel prove experience and skills, such as Linkedin, UpWork, or GitHub.

So job applicants can now seamlessly prove themselves skilled and trustworthy.

While companies are empowered to identify talent by going beyond the ‘recruitment norms’ and identifying diamond in the rough applicants, while at the same time increasing diversity and inclusion by increasing the audience assessed.

A diverse and inclusive workforce has been proved to lay the foundations for a great company culture.

To kickstart our mission of making trust easy to prove, we’re offering individuals and organisations 10% off all police checks, as well as a FREE blockchain backed reputation vault valued at $49.99USD. Visit https://reputationaire.com/blockchain-police-check today and find out why thousands of Australian businesses trust Intercheck for their fast and secure police checks every year.

Written by Kurt Joyce. Kurt is a marketer and copywriter based in Tasmania, Australia, specialising in organisational culture and trust.
Do you work for an organisation looking to better identify quality candidates? If so — check out our services — we’d love to hear from you.

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